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What Is The Krystal Lee Foundation?

Student loan debt is very common. Especially in the African American community. Black students owe nearly TWICE as much student loan debt as their white peers do and are three times more likely to default on those loans four years after graduating college.


80% of HBCU students have student loan debt.


WOW! As a graduate of a HBCU (Thee Clark Atlanta University!!) with a ton of student loan debt I personally know how this epidemic is affecting our community! Instead of running from my own problems, I decided to use my platform to take action!


My personal mission is to make sure future students don’t make the same mistakes that I did by providing financial literacy, resources, and scholarships to students attending HBCU's. AND-- for those of us who are already in student loan debt :( don't worry!! We have resources and education to help you as well! Plus opportunities for scholarships to help pay your student loans!


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